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Cheeky Aussie Weather Pattern Has Viewers In Stitches

Queensland residents have been left laughing out loud, after they spotted a crudely shaped weather system approaching Toowoomba.

The storm had a very uncanny resemblance to male genitals.

Nicko Mickle noticed the unusually shaped pattern on a weather website and shared the hilarious moment online, of course.

“Crazy storm on its way to Queensland, looks likes old Toowoomba is about to cop a flogging too.”

And viewers were quick to poke (pardon the pun) fun at the situation.

“It’s about to get a hammering,” Bruce Mcguigan said.

Jake Cotter was concerned about Dalby, which he said was in the “firing range”. 

Jamie Spear said: “Looks like strong penetration rapidly moving in likely to produce extreme wet and windy conditions throughout the inner regions.”


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