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Chilling Footage Emerges From Inside Vegas Gunman’s Hotel

In the midst of the worst mass shooting the US has ever seen, people are desperate to know more about what actually happened in that hotel room in Mandalay Bay - and why.

A man from North Carolina has managed to shed some light on that, as he shared a video and images of his stay in what turned out to be the same hotel room that gunman Stephen Paddock used to carry out his attack, which killed over 50 people.

Tourist Jeff Bridges posted the chilling footage from the Mandalay Bay Hotel on Facebook, alongside the following caption: “Do you want to see what the view was from Mandalay Bay? Andrea and I stayed in that EXACT same room last year on the 32nd floor! Room 32-135!

The video ironically ends with a view down on the concert area.

The four-minute long footage shows Jeff giving a tour of the impressive suite, offering narration as he wanders through the comfortable seating and bar areas.

He starts the video by revealing that he and his wife Andrea had received an upgrade.

The video, which has been viewed over 10,000 times, ends on a chilling note, as Jeff walks over to the wall-length glazed glass windows.

Looking out over the striking view of the Las Vegas strip, with mountains clearly visible in the distance, Jeff makes the following remark: The best thing about this room isn’t that it’s 1,800 square feet, the best thing is the views. It’s incredible at night.

Little did he know that just over a year later, Stephen Paddock would smash these windows, and shoot into an unsuspecting crowd below, killing 59 and injuring over 500.

Jeff later commented on his original video, expressing his shock at realising it was the same room: “I thought we stayed on the 36th floor until I went back and reviewed the video. I knew he was in the Vista suite because of where the room was located.

All the rooms on the end are suites. Yes, we were shocked. “I felt nauseous and got a knot in my stomach.

Knowing that I stood exactly where that alleged killer stood when he shot and killed all those people makes me sick to my stomach.”

Source: UNILAD

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