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Could We About To See The End Of The Clown Epidemic

It looks like Australia’s clown groups are already starting to close down.

One page called ‘Clown Purge Australia’ has released a message saying ‘’Hello Facebook, I want to tell all of, you that, this page will be changing to something else. Reason?

''Our group is no longer going to continue their demonic act upon the people in Australia and other countries. We realise how crazy this is getting and would like to stop. 

''No, this does not mean that there will no longer be clowns around because we are just a group of friends. We aren't every clown in Australia; the others will make their decisions and acts.

''Do NOT message us about anything to do with this Clown situation because we no longer do it. The page is going to be changed to something more mature. Thank you everyone and we are extremely sorry for everything 🎈⏱❤️.’’

As clowns are spotted and police forces begin to take action, clowns are being arrested with being a public nuisance.

Although it does not guarantee there will be no clowns on the street, it seems as if the number of them is slow disappearing.

Have you spotted any?

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