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Couple Make Terrifying Mistake After Missing Flight

Missing your flight is one of those annoying things you just kick yourself for.

It means hanging around for another flight, missing other bookings or connections and definitely spending more cash.

So when Italian couple Enrica Apollonio, 23, and Matteo Clementi, 26 felt frustrated at missing their flight to Malta, we understood.

What we didn't understand however, is what they did next.

According to a report on, the couple ran to another gate, opened an emergency fire exit and ran onto the tarmac.

There, they attempted to 'hail down' their Ryanair flight, as if it were a cab, and somehow board the plane.

Instead, they were meet by security on the tarmac and taken away, before being charged with violations of Malta's Airports and the Cival Aviation Security Act.

Malta International Airport (MLA) officials had this to say:

“MLA staff and partners responded to this situation immediately and effectively, ensuring that the passengers were apprehended and passed on to the police,” an airport representative told the Times of Malta.
“MLA regrets that a holiday to Malta had to end in this way but reminds passengers that safety and security are of the utmost importance at any airport and such issues cannot be dealt with lightly.”

Both Matteo and Enrica were convicted and will be forced to pay up. A lawyer for the pair said they were looking forward to celebrating Apollonio’s birthday on the island, “but instead spent it in a cell”.


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