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A Giant, Two-Hectare Wave Pool Is Coming To Western Sydney

No longer will we have to drive for hours to the beach to beat the heat because a ginormous surf park has been given the a-okay to start building in Sydney's west.

URBNSURF Sydney is expected to draw thousands of people a year to it's two-hectare crystalline "wavegarden" lagoon upon it's completion in 2019.

The pool will create around 1000 man-made waves each hour that could climb up to two metres in height and will provide around the clock surfing conditions for kids, beginners and even experts training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Sister surf parks are also in discussion to be built in places like Melbourne and Perth.

Speaking to 9NEWS, the founder and chairman of URBNSURF said he was excited to bring a world-class surfing facility to the developing area.

"A lot of people surf but we are always beholden to Mother Nature," he said.

"What we can now provide with these man-made surfing environments is waves all day, every day and you know that you are going to get perfect conditions.

"So it's just going to allow far greater participation for people in the sport surfing."

The plans for the park, which will also include a resort-style beach club, bar, restaurant, cafe, shops, rock-climbing wall and skate ramp, have been under inspection for six months and were finally approved this week.

The park is expected to be built at Sydney Olympic Park in the place of an existing carpark.

"To have the ability to (create) learner surf, all the way through to performance waves and not be on the coast is pretty amazing for our sport," said Luke Madden, CEO of Surfing NSW.

"The key thing with any of this technology is that you can surf when you want. You don't have to work around tides or work around different wave conditions that suit your ability."

The new surf park will accomodate 84 surfers per hour and around 350,000 visitors a year, and there will also be options for booking and membership.

The lagoon is also set to add over $250 million in economic value to Western Sydney when it is completed in 2019.

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