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Deodorant Can 'Farting Prank' Hospitalises Schoolie, 17

A 17-year-old school graduate has been hospitalised on the Gold Coast just before 4am Wednesday suffering burns to his bottom. 

Queensland Ambulance Service believe the incident was caused by a deodorant can and lighter. 

This year's schoolies have (so far) been one of the best behaved in years, with police reporting just one arrest of a school leaver overnight on Tuesday. 

Additionally, 52 liquor infringement notices were issued and police said seven toolies were also arrested in the area. 

However overall, the 35,000 schoolies who have flocked to the Gold Coast for the week long celebration of their studies, have pleased police. 

Arrests in the first weekend were down 60 percent on last year. 

Below is a video of the prank the teen would've been trying to do... 

Source: Brisbane Times

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