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Did You Get Woken Up By Low Flying Helicopters Last Night?

Last week it was the greater west with Penrith, St Clair and Quakers Hill copping low-flying helicopters as part of a scheduled, month-long training exercise by the Australian Defence Force.

And now this morning it was the turn of Sydney's inner west to feel and hear the force of Black Hawk helicopters carrying out exercises in the early hours.

Residents on the city’s lower north shore and innerwest suburbs reported helicopter activity after 2.30am.

The Australian army issued a statement last week saying: 

"The exercise will involve Army helicopters. Flights will occur in all conditions across urban and rural areas during the afternoon and evening, generally concluding by 11.30pm."

"Some unavoidable noise may be noticeable for short periods, due to low-flying helicopters."

According to the official government website, the training will see the army responding to simulated terrorist scenarios and will see military Black Hawk helicopters, vehicles and soldiers carrying weapons and tactical equipment.

Blank ammunition and other pyrotechnics may also be used.

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