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Do YOU Live In A Terror Hotspot?

When it comes to the war against terrorism, Australian's are especially wary. If the Sydney Siege taught us anything, it's that terrorism is a real and present thing - and is far closer to home than we ever imagined.

That doesn't mean that we should live in fear however. We need to feel safe in the fact that our government officials are doing everything within their power to keep Australia out of harms way.

However, during a media conference, a report on the Daily Mail suggests that Australia's top security chief may have accidentally exposed sensitive information revealing the locations of the country's terrorist recruitment hotspots.


ASIO chief Duncan Lewis was said to be briefing Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Justice Minister Michael Keenan on the spread of Islamic State through the Middle East during a tour of the organisation's new headquarters when the alleged breach happened.

Camera crews were said to unknowingly be able to take photos and footage of the documents and maps as they were laid out on the table.

These documents highlighted the areas in Sydney and Melbourne that were rife with terrorism recruitment.

The suburbs in Sydney included Greenacre, Lidcombe, Bankstown, Auburn, Lakemba and Punchbowl.

While in Melbourne, the suburbs highlighted were Camperfield and Cragieburn.

Source: Daily Mail

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