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Don't Be Fooled By The Latest Netflix Scam Targeting Users

Email scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, to get the better of even the best of us. 

The latest flagged by MailGuard is a scam relating to Netflix users. 


The email - complete with Netflix branding - states that your latest payment was declined and that it will be tried again in 24-28 hours. 

An alternative option is giving to update payment details - preying on those of us who can't last a mere 12 hours without the streaming service. 

"This sort of phishing scam allows cybercriminals to harvest victim’s credit card credentials," MailGuard stated. 


"The phishing page is designed to operate like a legitimate login portal. It asks for card details and password verification, then ejects the scam victim to a real Netflix page to allay suspicion.

"MailGuard has successfully prevented these emails from reaching our customers, but unprotected inboxes will be affected today. Please exercise caution if you are not a MailGuard customer."

So be careful Netflix lovers!

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