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Dreamworld To Reopen After Tragedy That Took Four Lives

Dreamworld will reopen on Saturday December 10, six weeks after the deaths of four people on a ride in October.

Ardent says Dreamworld, and neighbouring theme park Whitewater World, will reopen to guest following the "successful completion of the mechanical and operational safety review."

"All of Whitewater World's slides, pools and cabanas will be open as will several of Dreamworld's rides and attractions," the statement said.

"Dreamworld's other rides will progressively open as they are signed off as part of the safety review process."

The theme parks have been closed since the October 25 accident.

Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett, Roozi Araghi and Cindy Low were killed when the Thunder River Rapids ride malfunctioned on October 25.

Photo: Kate Goodchild and Luke Dorsett

The families have reportedly been kept informed of the reopening.

"It is still quite raw for her but she said she understands," Sandra Brookfield, a friend of Kim Dorsett, the mother of Ms Goodchild and Mr Dorsett, told the Bulletin.

Ardent Leisure had originally wanted to reopen the theme park just days after the tragedy, but were forced by Queensland police to call it off due to their ongoing investigations.

Ardent Leisure chairman Neil Balnaves told shareholders at the company's AGM on October 27 that the company wanted to reopen quickly to help staff.

"It is better that people get back to work and basically get together with their comrades and talk and deal with this issue rather than ... sitting at home in isolation," Mr Balnaves said at the time.

"It's driven by the utmost respect for the families and the deaths."

An audit of rides done since the accident found no guest safety issues with any of the theme park's 34 rides, but the Thunder River Rapids ride will be decomissioned.

WATCH: Dreamworld's Thunder River Rapids Ride

The Gold Coast City Council will spend $200,000 on a public campaign to attract visitors back to the tourism hotspot.


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