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Ex Cop On The Madeleine McCann Case Has Broken His Silence

It’s been nearly ten years since Madeleine McCann disappeared from the Portuguese resort she was staying at with her parents.

As her parents ate at a nearby restaurant, the three-year-old mysteriously vanished leading to a world-wide search that continues today.

There has been no sign of the toddler, who would now be a teenager, since May 3rd 2007, with theories about her disappearance still making headlines today.


Now, a former “top cop” who worked on the case has broken his silence – and his pointing the finger at his old colleagues.

“I think this case has lots of mistakes – from many persons, from many situations, from the police and maybe from the government,” Paulo Pereira Cristovao told the Sunday Mirror.

“At the end of the day we all forgot one person: Madeleine McCann.”

The ex cop said he believed the little girl was taken to some caves in a nearby beach town.


“It’s a good place to put somebody” he told the publication. “As far as I know the police never went there, because you would need divers”

He went on to tell that he believed someone in the group on holiday was not telling the truth.

“That’s my feeling – and I know there are many who think just like me,” he said.

“I think not everybody in that group has told the truth to the police. Why? I don’t know.”

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