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Facebook's Latest Move Has Annoyed A LOT Of People

Baby-bump photos are the latest to get the censorship treatment from Facebook, sparking outrage among health professionals.

According to reports, advertisements for various pregnancy therapies and childbirth education classes featuring fully clothed pregnant women, are being banned by site regulators.

The ads, they claim, are promoting adult, sexual services.

"I have heard of many cases where ads for anything to do with birthing have been considered a problem," Liz Wilkes, Midwives Australia spokesperson, told The Courier Mail. "How can photos of pregnant women and their tummies be considered disgusting?

"Pregnancy is a normal part of life and should not be censored in any way."

The ads in question feature images of pregnant women taking part in yoga, HypnoBirthing, baby massage and pilates classes and were, their posters argue, unsuitable.

Gold Coast midwife and HypnoBirthing expert Amanda Bude said: "First it was breastfeeding mums and now it's baby bumps. How could something as natural and beautiful as a pregnancy ever be linked to anything sleazy?

"I was sent an abrupt message about my ad for HypnoBirthing services to help women have a calm and comfortable birth.

"The rejected ad contained a photo of a beautiful, pregnant woman sitting relaxing and holding her tummy.

"She was fully dressed."

A Facebook spokesperson has responded to the claims, admitting that the censorship was mistaken.

"Our team processes millions of advertising posts each week, and in some instances we incorrectly prohibit ads," they said. "Ms Bude's advert does not violate our ad policies."

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