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Factory Workers In Western Sydney Scoop $40M In Powerball

Do you dream of winning the Powerball? Okay, I get it, that’s a stupid question. Well, for 14 factory workers in Sydney’s west, it’s no longer just a dream.

After deciding late yesterday afternoon to buy a last minute ticket in the $40 million Powerball, they were ECSTATIC to learn that they’d won the division one jackpot.

One winner, who has decided to remain anonymous, said to the Daily Telegraph that the group have been regularly working overtime to make ends meet.

Along with the first division Powerhit 20 jackpot and a series of divisional prizes, the blue collar winners have walked away with a total $40,445,165.25 in cash – close to $2.9 million each.

“We’re so excited this morning,” the syndicate leader said.

“I got a phone call last night after the draw from one of the syndicate members who asked me to check our ticket because he was sure we’d just won Powerball!

“After I checked our ticket and saw that we had all the winning numbers, the phone calls were flying around – my phone was ringing like mad. Everyone was calling everyone about the win – it’s was crazy.”

“We’re all hard workers and we all put in long shifts at work to earn some extra money for our families. We’ll be having some sort of get-together soon to celebrate this big win.

“It was actually an out-of-the-blue entry in last night’s $40 million Powerball draw. Yesterday I was at work and just decided to organise a workplace syndicate entry - everyone put some money in and now we’ve hit the jackpot.’

“You always read about people winning division one and think if only, and suddenly it’s happened to us! I’m not too sure if anyone has made any plans yet but I’ll be retiring and I think a few of the others might too.”

Source: Daily Telegraph

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