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Baby Formula Shortage As Shoppers Caught Hoarding Product

A woman has filmed the moment that dozens of shoppers in a Coles in Melbourne lined up to fill their baskets with tins of baby formula before staff could even put it on the shelves.

The incident occurred at the Bridge Road Supermarket in Richmond and in the footage shoppers can be seen grabbing multiple baby formula tins straight from the loading trolley as shelves were already empty.

Hannah Dixon is the woman who filmed the frenzy and can be heard yelling at the shoppers that what they were doing was "wrong" and "cheating the system".

"They're just doing the rounds, they're going through the checkouts and coming back all over again," Ms Dixon said.

This comes as shoppers have recently been accused of buing Australian baby formula in bulk to sell at a profit online in China, leaving Australian parents in desperate need of the product with none.

It is believed that there is a demand for our baby formula in China because it is of a higher quality, however many Australian customers have complained that this is leading to a nationwide shortage.

Ms Dixon uploaded the footage to the Coles facebook page saying, "I understand it's legally allowed, however, surely there should be a limit on how many they can purchase in a given time frame."

A Coles spokesperson has defended the store saying that they have a limit on the amount of tins that a person can buy in a single transaction.

"We can assure you we are committed to ensuring that our customers with a genuine need for baby formula have access to this product," the statement said.

"As we are currently experiencing unprecedented demand, we are limiting sales quantities to four units per customer."

However, unhappy customers allege that there is nothing stopping people from going through the checkout and returning to buy more tins in order to stock up and sell them offshore.

This story comes as just last month 7 News uncovered a backyard warehouse in Sydney that had pallets of baby formula tins ready to be shipped to China's black market called "diagous".

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