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Feeding Your Pet These Foods? They Have Been Found To Be Bad

There are so many pet foods that say they are ‘’nutritionally complete’’ and of course, we take it as fact.

However, a new study by consumer advocate Choice has found that one in four of the cat foods fails to deliver the whole package.

To the point where we should not trust them.

The underperformers include home-brand cat food sold by Coles, Woolworths and Aldi but also included food marketed as premium, such as Gourmet Delight, Advance and Dine.

Choice tested a total of 35 cat foods that claimed to be ‘’nutritionally complete’’ and found that while most passed the test, four of them fell below the industry standards.

A further five failed to meet an idea mineral balance which is believed to be essential for feline health.

"Cat owners reading nutrient claims on a pack need to have confidence that manufacturers are delivering a nutritionally complete diet to maintain their pet's overall health," said Tom Godfrey, Choice spokesman.

"We have referred the test results to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission and asked them to investigate."

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