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French Gymnast Leg Break Chills Games Arena

Imagine training for four years and then this happens..

French gymnast Samir Alt Said didn’t even make it through the first day of competition as his Olympic dream ended with a sickening injury.

He was trying to complete two backflips in a pike at men’s qualifying on Saturday but failed to land.

Said crumpled to the floor after his vault landing and it became obvious that the gymnast had broken his left leg before remaining on the floor for several minutes as medical staff attended to the injury. He was applauded loudly by the crowd when he was removed from the arena.

“It is catastrophic … our mental state is very bad but we each have a target and we have to carry on for ourselves,” teammate Cyril Tommasone said.

The 26-year-old had successfully completed in the World Artistic Gymnastic Championships in Glasgow last season before earning his place on his country’s team.

While Said was being stretchered away, Germany’s Andreas Toba was completing his pommel horse routine before he severely injured his knee.

“I cried like a little kid,” Toba said. “The injury on my knee is big, but the emotional injury is way bigger.”

Toba competed in the pommel horse after the injury, a gutsy move that impressed his teammates and the crowd.

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