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Fresh Hope In Hunt For Madeleine McCann

Hope is bubbling in the case of Madeline McCann after Scotland Yard was given a cash injection to follow a fresh lead.

The Sun reports Detectives are chasing a tip European traffickers may have snatched the tot after taking pictures of her on holidays with her family.

Senior police sources told The Sun, the investigation “raises hope that she could still be alive.”

One retired Scotland Yard detective reportedly told media the extra money was a good sign. “There must be something worthwhile,” he was quoted saying.


Madeleine vanished just days before her fourth birthday in 2007 while on holidays with her parents in Portugal.

She would be 13. 

Last month the internet was abuzz with speculation McCann had been found after images of a homeless woman who had an undeniable likeness to Madeleine surfaced. 

The teenage girl was found wandering the streets of Rome and garnered people’s attention because she was not Italian-speaking.

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However, the girls father, a Swedish man has since come out and identified her. 

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