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Grant Hackett 'Missing': Tearful Dad Pleads For Help

A tearful Neville Hackett has addressed the media to announce that he considers his son a 'missing' person.

Grant Hackett has allegedly gone missing since being released without charge from Southport Police station. 

His father has announced that the family and unaware of his whereabouts since he was released and has made a plea for public assistance to locate him. 

“He is definitely a missing person and his mentally disturbed and needs urgent help,” his father said.

“I would think that if anybody has seen him to contact the media, or police, or the Hackett family.

“Grant, let us know where you are. We love you. And we want to help you.”

Hackett was arrested at his parent's house yesterday after his father put in a call to police about his distressing behaviour. 

The former Olympic swimmer was allegedly armed with a knife, using it to attack a chopping board while in a state of rage. 

His brother, Craig, addressed the media yesterday after news of his arrest, explaining how worried his family are about Grant's mental state. 

“I feel for mum and dad. They are nervous wrecks. This is now a chronic problem and it looks like it’s not going to go away in a hurry.

From a mental health perspective I hope something can be done.

We’re trying everything we can. The family has tried for years. Hopefully he can get the treatment he needs.

Everyone knows there’s something that needs to be done, urgent attention needs to be had - It’s out of our hands now.

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This is not the Grant Hackett that Australia fell in love with. This is a completely different person. I don’t know this person. Mum and Dad don’t know this person. He’s there in body but he’s not there in mind spirit or soul. 

We’re pleading for people to help us. Help grant. Grant needs help. Nobody can do it. We can’t do it.

It’s coming to the point now where he is dangerous. He’s a danger to himself; he’s a danger to the community."

Grant's response after being released from detention was to hit back at his brother - accusing him of assaulting him in the leadup to his arrest.

My brother comments to the media... but does anyone know he beat the shit out of me. Everyone knows he is an angry man.

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We hope that he is located safe and well and can accept the treatment and help that he needs. 

If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit

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