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Heartbreaking News For Healthy Harold Fans

If you were in primary school in the 90s, no doubt this news may distress you.

It seems the very vehicle that taught us all about the dangers of taking drugs and eating unhealthy food is being wiped, due to a lack in federal government funding.

Yep - Healthy Harold is being taken away.

The Healthy Harold program, which featured a giraffe puppet and sometimes life-size giraffe mascot, was delivered by health and drug education organisation, Life Education Australia.

The lack of funding means the company will have to revise its programs, and it seems as though the Healthy Harold program will not be able to go on.

This means that children will more than likely miss out on the benefits we grew up with at school.

Healthy Harold was a feature in the lives of many Australian school children, with the program targeted at school children aged five to 13 years. It aims to help them make safer and healthier choices, by educating them about subjects like nutrition, cybersafety, and drugs.


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