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Heartbreaking Note From Mother Who Wants Little Boy To Die

Imagine being a mother and actually WISHING your little boy would fall asleep and never wake up?

It’s a horrifying thought - and a reality for Perth mother Isabella Darch.

Her little boy, Bede, was diagnosed with an aggressive terminal brain cancer at just four months old - and since then he has been in a constant struggle to survive.

Doctors wrote him off early, saying that at just four months old, he had just weeks to live, but Bede wasn’t having any of that.

Three years on, Bede is still here after nine months of intense chemotherapy, after his family chose to buy him some time to enjoy life.

But Bede isn’t enjoying life, he can’t see, he can’t talk and he’s in constant pain - and his mother Isabella has made a heartbreaking admission.

She’s said she wants her three-year-old son to die so he could be out of his misery from the excruciating pain.

In a recent blog post, she revealed the family were told by a family doctor that little Bede has just six months left to live, 'unless the cancer spontaneously stops growing'.

'My heart is raw. Because the truth is I want my son to die,' the mother of three wrote. 'I’m tired. He is tired. I want peace for him, rest. But I instantly hate myself because I know then that is all there will be.

'He will have no more growth, no more moments tenderly reaching out to his brother, laying next to his sister. He wont squawk away at his dad anymore, he won’t let me kiss him in the way only I can.

'He will just be gone. That is not enough for my special light filled boy. Life is hard but death seems worse.'

Far from getting better, Bede has been left battling for survival after his treatment has left him with 'life-threatening infections and more unwell than the doctors had predicted'.

Bede spent most of his time at home in the last year and has required constant care from his parents every hour of the day as he also vomits throughout the nights.

His body can’t cope with being fed even through a tube so feeding him has been very difficult and often means he needs to be sedated.

Friends and family have set up a fundraising page on GoFundMe in a desperate attempt to raise money towards his medical expenses and extensive therapy.

'His parents Issy and Roy have been by his side helping him make the most of his life, every step of the way. Trying to make sure every day has good times to counter the bad', the page reads.

'They have put their whole worlds on hold, Roy lost his job due to Bede's high care requirement. They have been dedicated to providing him with as many happy, peaceful, loving moments as possible to try and add some balance to his life.

If you’d like to contribute to the GoFundMe page, click here…

Source: Daily Mail

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