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Houses Shake As Earthquake Hits Regional City West Of Sydney

A 2.6 magnitude earthquake has erupted near the city of Bathurst in New South Wales Central Tablelands yesterday.

The small earthquake was felt at around 5:39pm according to a statement by NSW Police and local residents said that they noticed houses shaking and they heard sounds similar to explosions.

“Police from Bathurst were contracted by several concerned residents after reports of loud noises and movement in the area,” said a statement by NSW Police.

“Officers from Chifley Police District commenced investigations into the incident and were subsequently able to determine that a small earthquake had occurred just out of Bathurst.

“Residents of Glanmire, Brewongle, O'Çonnell, Yetholme and Napoleon Reef all reported hearing noises similar to explosions, and that their residences were shaking.”

Thankfully no one was injured in the quake and initial investigations have found that there has been no damage to infrastructure.

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