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How A Melbourne Woman Tried To Get Away With A Driving Issue

An unlicensed driver has tried to pass herself off as her identical twin.

But she has had her cover blown by an eagle-eyed police officer.

It was the second time that Romney Stirling-Anderson, 27, of Frankston North has posed as her sister when pullover by Police.

When asked for her license, she claimed to have left it at home and gave the police the name of her twin sister, who has a clean record.

Sen-Constable Hodson said it wasn’t until Stirling-Anderson was identified by an officer who recognised a distinctive tattoo on her hand that she came clean and admitted her real name.Ms Spencer suspended

Stirling-Anderson’s licence was suspended for six months but was deferred for further sentencing until October 6 to give the 27-year-old a chance to continue making life improvements.

“I’m impressed with the decisions you are making in looking to make a change,” Ms Spencer said.

Ms Spencer said if her good behaviour continued she would consider imposing just a fine.

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