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How Davidson Father Built ‘Gas Chamber’ To Poison His Family

For many people, Fernando Manrique was the loving father-of-two who chatted to people as his children played with other kids in the neighbourhood at the park. He was nice, loving and successful, with his high-flying technology executive job taking him around the world. No-one could have guessed that he would turn the home he built 11 years ago, into a gas chamber.

Police were yesterday dismantling the sinister network of hidden pipes user by Mr Manrique to gas his family.

Neighbours who saw him on the roof of the Davidson home with power tools over the weekend had no idea he was rigging up what has been described as an elaborate system to pump gas into the rooms.

Detectives are investigating the source of the poison found in gas canisters as family members in their home city of Bogota, Colombia, revealed the couple was on the verge of divorce.

The children’s mother, Maria Claudia Lutz, was found dead in one room with their daughter Elissa, while their son Martin was found in another room alone. Engineer and technology expert Mr Manrique, 44, was found on his own in another room.

The family’s German Shepherd dog was also found dead.

A 72-year-old neighbour watched Mr Manrique working on the roof on Saturday. “He was right up on the roof replacing tiles and using power tools of sorts,” the neighbour said.

"He was cutting and banging and making all sorts of noise and pulling up tiles but I don’t really know what he was doing.” BOC gas employees yesterday inspected the property which was rigged throughout the roof to deliver the deadly fumes in what a police source described as an “extensive, elaborate and well planned” operation.

While police are leaning towards the fact that the Drake Business Logistics company executive acted alone, they have not been able to rule out the possibility of a murder-suicide pact with his wife.

“We may never know whether she knew what was happening, we just don’t know,” a source said.


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