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Husband Of Dreamworld Victim Will "Celebrate Relationship"

For many, a trip to a theme park is a fun, incredible adventure that a family remembers with delight, but for Mathew Low, it was a day he said goodbye to the ‘love of his life’.

Yesterday mourners gathered at a chapel at the Palmdale Crematorium to farewell the 42-year-old, who was killed, along with three others, when their raft on the Thunder River Rapids ride overturned on October 25.

Around 150 people packed the chapel, and her partner Mathew say stoic in the front row with the couple’s two children, 10-year-old Kieran and 6-year-old Isla, as a close friend read a heartbreaking letter from husband to wife.


“Dear Cindy, you are the love of my life,” the letter said.

“You made me laugh every day ... you brought clarity, fun and enjoyment into my life.

“Some of your ideas were crazy but that’s all part of the adventure.

“We travelled the world ... even though your navigating skills were terrible.

“Like the time you were meant to drive us back to Edinburgh while I slept - I woke to Glasgow.

“We laughed every morning, especially over your attempts to get ready before your morning coffee.”

Mourners learned that the couple et at a party in Auckland in 1997, travelled the world together before living in Sydney and the Central Coast. But Mathew said parenthood became their defining journey.

“Kieran and Isla are our greatest adventure,” the letter said.

“You were always so protective of them, supporting their dreams and their desires to be the best they could.

“You rocked our world and we enjoyed every moment.

“I promise to continue your gift of celebrating every moment, you will always be there, we love you.”

Source: Daily Mail

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