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If You Have A NSW Drivers Licence You’re Going To LOVE This!

As a resident of this beautiful state, there’s one thing that makes the incredible views of the Opera House look basic and the bright lights of Vivid look dull - a trip to the RTA.

Infamously annoying, long and inconvenient to visit, most Aussies would surely choose a trip to the dentist over a visit to the RTA.

Where you pick your ticket and sit in your solitary chair as seemingly every number is called before yours, children are screaming, and you without a doubt forgot one of the 8 pieces of documentation you need to do whatever it is you’re trying to do.

Further to that, the only time you need a need a new licence, you can bet your bottom dollar a new pimple sprouts up the night before your licence photo is set to be taken.


Well I’m so happy to announce that ALL of that is about to change.


NSW residents will be brought into line with most other states, and soon be able to renew their licence ONLINE, with no need to visit the RTA.

Who knew other states did this by the way?!

Motorists will be able to use the same photograph as their previous one - and will only have to go to the motor registry once a decade for an eye test and new photo.

Finance Minister Dominic ­Perrottet says the new licence will be posted within 10 days of an online application.

“One of this government’s key priorities has been to improve ­services, and this is yet another digital initiative that’s going to save more time and make life that little bit more convenient for the people of NSW,” he said.

However, to ensure road safety is not compromised, online renewal will not be available for some licences, such as if a medical assessment is required or licences are restricted. HURRAH!!!

Source: Daily Telegraph

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