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If Your Boyfriend Acts Crazy Today, You Can Blame The Moon

If you notice your boyfriend, dad or brother are acting a little strange today, it’s not an accident.

It seems the first full moon of the year happens to be a ‘super moon’, at some 50,000 kilometres closer than its furthest extent - a proximity that "makes men mad" according to Shakespeare.

It’s not just affecting the men, but our water too, as it creates an extra pull on the world's water, causing unusually high tides this week around the coastal regions of Australia. Even some low-lying areas are being flooded.

Astoundingly, the earth’s own orbital path means that at this exact time, Earth is around 5 million kilometres closer to the sun.

"With this super moon and perihelion, what we're experiencing is the full might of the gravitational force" on the earth, said Alan Duffy, an astronomer and associate professor at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. "You can expect a larger range in the tides both high and low."

Let’s make sure to prepare ourselves for floods if necessary… and for crazy men, ladies.


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