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Incredible Announcement For Western Sydney Residents

Western Sydney residents can look forward to an employment boost, with the expected creation of thousands of jobs in the coming years.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told The Daily Telegraph that upcoming infrastructure projects like the new airport at Badgerys Creek will generate an estimated 36,000 jobs.

"Our investments are already transforming the economy of western Sydney, giving businesses the confidence to invest, expand and create new jobs," Mr Turnbull said.

"This means more people can access employment close to home, giving them more time to spend with their families and in their communities.

"The Coalition will build the Western Sydney Airport, providing a new international gateway and securing Sydney's aviation capacity."

He added: "It will create 20,000 new jobs by the early 2030s, building to 60,000 in the long-term. 

"It will catalyse tens of thousand of indirect jobs."

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