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iPhone Users Told To Update Their Phone NOW For This

Apple managed to please all iPhone users with a new update this week and my oh my it has had a very good effect.

While most people will note their phone running smoother but some will get the best surprise possible.

The new update, iOS 10.3, will free up heaps of storage on your phone.

Previously, for example, a 256GB iPhone 7 has managed to gain a massive 7.8GB of space! Even on a smaller iPhone SE, there was an extra 2GB of space found.

That could mean you don’t need to delete as many photos!

To download the update, go into settings, press software update and then click download and you will be welcomed to the world of space.

Oh and if you update and have those AirPods… and you can never find them, there is a new FindMyAirpods app!


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