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Jetstar Refused to Refund Ticket for Boy Too Ill to Fly

Father of an 11-year-old boy has slammed Jetstar after he claims they refused to refund two plane tickets despite his son’s sudden illness that stopped him flying.

According to, the Lismore father, Richard Guy, was expecting more compassion for his son, Miles, from the airline after he was suddenly diagnosed with end-stage cancer and too ill to fly to his grandmother’s 70th birthday in Melbourne.

After Miles was recently admitted to Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane for intense chemotherapy, his father phoned Jetstar, pleading for a $220-refund for two tickets.

It is claimed that after more than an hour on the phone, Jetstar asked for evidence of the illness to be uploaded to their website.

“I needed have a medical certificate with Miles’ diagnosis on it from the oncologist with the travel dates and all that info on a letter head, and I uploaded that,” Mr Guy said.

Mr Guy was offered a credit note instead of a refund, but it had to be used within six months. The airline adding that he “should just be grateful that I am getting a credit for my ticket, because it’s not their policy,” 

“I think Jetstar is a soulless and heartless corporation, showing that they don’t care about human beings.

“They don’t care about anyone else but their bottom line and then to be told to be grateful is just horrible.”

Miles Guy is undergoing intense chemotherapy.

According to, a Jetstar spokesperson has since said a full refund would be given to Mr Guy “as per (Jetstar’s) compassionate policy”.

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