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K-Mart's New Range Will Blow Everything Out Of The Water

Where can you go at any hour of the day or night and buy a trendy mug for a dollar? Kmart! It's the reason we are in a love hate relationship with the store.

We love Kmart because it has the biggest bloody bargains under the sun and kind of hate it (I guess hate is a strong word) because we always leave the store with WAY more items than we intended to.

(If it's on sale you're practically saving money right?)

And guess what? kmart are about to drop it's latest range! Just in time for a tax return shopping spree!

Some sneaky instagram users by the names of @theDIYDecorator and @Kmart_Bargains have spotted some new home decor items listed as 'coming soon' and my golly do they look AMAZING!

Check out the latest range below and prepare to add each item to your shopping list.

That side unit 👍🏻 #kmartaus #kmarthome #kmartliving #kmartstyling #kmartbargains

A post shared by Kmart_bargains (@kmart_bargains) on

New industrial look items coming out too!! #kmartaus #kmarthome #kmartliving #kmartstyling #kmartbargains

A post shared by Kmart_bargains (@kmart_bargains) on

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