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The 278th Hollywood Couple Of 2016 Have Filed For Divorce

Delete your Tinder accounts. Remove any and all romantic comedies from your Netflix queue. Throw out all those pretty, lacy underwear sets you own. 

Love is dead. Gone. No more.

TMZ are reporting that Kate Beckinsale's husband, Len Wiseman has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Ah. That old chestnut. 


The genetically blessed couple have been together since 2003, when they met on the set of the first Underworld movie; in true Hollywood style, they were married less than a year later.

According to PEOPLE, a source close to the couple reckons they've been separated since the middle of last year, saying: "They are still friendly and spend time together in LA when Kate is there. There's been no drama.

"It's just not Kate's style. They both have complicated schedules and have grown apart."

The two have no children together, although Len is extremely close to Kate's 16-year-old daughter, Lily, from her former relationship with Michael Sheen.

In fact the four are often spotted out together, which is probably proof that Kate Beckinsale is the most laid-back ex-girlfriend in North America.

Please, please, protect Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at all costs. 

Our hearts can't take much more. 

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