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Little Girl's Disgusting Drug Find Under Big W Toy

A father claims his young daughter found a used syringe in a Big W store. 

Tim McDonald posted on Facebook that his daughter was looking at toys at the Cessnock store in Big W when she made the horrific discovery underneath one of the items. 

“[The] first toy she picks up had a junkies (sic) syringe under it,” he claimed.

“Absolutely disgusting that people use needles but to put them underneath children’s toys what a joke.”

It sparked mass outrage in the comment section, although some did point out it might not necessarily be used for illicit drugs and could have been for diabetes. 


“We take the safety of the families that shop with us very seriously and are relieved to confirm there were no customer injuries at BIG W Cessnock,” A Big W spokesperson said.

“As part of our usual store operations, our teams refresh our stores frequently throughout the day to ensure stock is well presented.

In the rare event our teams find a safety hazard in the store, they will act quickly and in line with our safety protocols to remove it.

“At BIG W Cessnock yesterday, our store team immediately attended to the customer and ensured the whole store was carefully inspected to prevent any further incidents.”

The incident has been referred to police for investigation. 

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