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Man charged with assault after Tony Abbott 'headbutt'

A 38-year-old man has been charged with assaulting Tony Abbott in Hobart.

The former prime minister says he was left shocked but unscathed after being headbutted by a same-sex marriage supporter while walking the streets of the city on Thursday afternoon.

Mr Abbott was leaving the Hobart Mercury office when a man yelled out and asked to shake his hand but turned the gesture into a headbutt.

"It is a shock to have a fellow Australian seeking to shake your hand and turn a handshake into an assault," he told reporters outside his hotel on Friday morning.

"Normally a handshake is a sign of trust and peace."

Police on Friday charged a 38-year-old North Hobart man with common assault. He was granted bail and is expected to front court on October 23.

Police say the man was wearing a 'yes' badge at the time of the alleged attack.


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