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Man Fined $900 For Biting Other Guy's Penis

Gosford Local Court has fined a man $900 and placed him on an eighteen-month good behaviour bond after he was found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm when he bit another man's penis.

Daniel Arthur Hatton was involved in the incident where he told the court that he held on with his teeth until “there was no fight left in him” 

Hatton apparently went to get the address for a man called Peter Peterson, who he was taking an AVO against following a dispute involving Hatton's son and an alleged stolen box trailer.

In a police interview Hatton says “I got near the front of his unit when he came flying out the door (with) two other guys and a woman,”

Witnesses told the court Mr Peterson ended up “on top throwing punches” with Mr Hatton’s close to his crotch.

“To stop him jumping on me head again, I’ve grabbed a hold of something with me teeth,” Hatton told police.

“And I’ve just held on. I’ve just held on with me teeth ... I held on for another good minute, you know, in that position. Then people, I think he, he just started going slumping out, ... there was no fight left in him.”

“Well, I didn’t knowingly bite him on the penis, you know, I’m not like that mate, you know.

“Like I say, I was fighting for my life at the time. My head was bouncing off the concrete like a pinball­.”

Photos presented to the court showed Peterson's denim shorts with an eye-watering rip near the crotch.

Mr Hatton has appealed his conviction to the District Court.

Daily Telegraph

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