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Man Lifts Young Boy Into Rhino Enclosure At Zoo

This brings our blood to a boil.

Photos have been circulating of a man who lifted a young boy - reportedly a relative - into the Rhino enclosure at the Dublin Zoo. 

The young boy was reportedly standing inside the zoo enclosure for over 20 minutes.

Thankfully from all reports, no injury arose from the incident. 

“It was such a stupid thing to do. He was only metres away from the rhinos. People were totally horrified,” a witness told The Irish Mirror.

“The child was with a male relative who was getting him to pose for photos and trying to make the child go further in.”

Dublin Zoo have reportedly launched an internal enquiry into the event. 

This incident comes after a number of unfortunate events at Zoos this year where humans have found themselves in danger or animals have been put down as a safety precaution. 

The most high profile incident was when Harambe, a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio was shot dead after a young boy climbed into his enclosure three months ago. 

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