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Man Rips Out GFs Intestines When She Said Ex's Name In Sex

A horrific story has come out of Florida in the USA about a 24 year old male murdering his 31 year old girlfriend after she called out her ex-husbands name twice during sex. 

Fidel Lopez, 24 went into a drunken rage after his 31yo girlfriend Maria Nemeth screamed her ex's name out while they were having sex at their Florida apartment. 

Lopez called police in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

Police found him sobbing over Nemeth's dead body, as well as a shattered glass door, holes in the wall and broken doors. 

It has been reported that Lopez mutilated his girlfriend with several objects and disemboweled her with his hands. 

Nemeth was pronounced dead at about 4am by paramedics. 

Lopez initially told officers that he had put a beer bottle inside his girlfriend during sex and that she'd gone to the bathroom to throw up before having trouble breather. However he later admitted that she had actually called out her ex-husbands name during sex. 

Lopez was arrested on a first-degree murder charge on Sunday afternoon. 

Source: Metro

Images Via: local10

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