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Man Says Black Panther Stalking Bushwalkers In West Sydney

IMAGES: Black Panther Sightings Australia

Fact or fiction?

The infamous black panther of western Sydney is in the news again after a man has claimed that he was stalked by the creature while bushwalking with his son at Sydney's far west suburb of Emu Plains.

Greg Culley has told the Illawarra Mercury that he was with his 13-year-old son Samuel in dense bush land when they heard rustling in the nearby bushes.


They both claim that they heard a loud 'thud' while walking at the Knapsack Reserve by Lapstone Creek. Mr Culley said:

'We thought it was a roo. But it was a large, shiny, black animal as big as a German Shepherd,'

'It was a big mass of black, flying at stealth mode along the ridge. Sammy saw the tail. It moved like a cat'

This is the second alleged sighting to be reported this year after a tourist from Perth, Sam Maher claimed he spotted the panther near Pulpit Rock in Blackheath in March.

Mr Maher said he felt something behind him and turned around to an 'undeniable glimpse of the back of a large jet-black animal with a long tail'.

'I feel a little bit funny. You read stories like this and you think this guy's full of s*** but I have to stick by what my eyes saw.'


Stories of a mysterious big cat roaming the hillsides have been circulating for years.

Back in November 2003 a NSW State Government inquiry found it was 'more likely than not' that a colony of big cats was lurking somewhere in the NSW bush.

But in 2013 after getting a large amounts of reports they held another inquiry.

'There is no conclusive evidence that large cats exist in the wild in NSW,' the second report found, leaving the 'panther phenomenon' inconclusive. 

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