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Mehajer Says He Can't Make Court Date, Despite Being In Jail

Former Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer has bizarrely claimed he will be 'on vacation' during an upcoming court appearance despite the fact that he will still be behind bars for the scheduled date. reports that Mehajer appeared via video link from his cell at Cooma Correctional Centre, hoping to appeal two separate sentences when he made the unusual statement.

Mehajer was hoping to overturn a judge's decision over his assault on 7 News journalist, Laura Banks, when District Court Judge David Frearson decided to remand Mehajer in custody, with the hearing postponed until January next year.

Mehajer then told the judge that the date wouldn't suit him, as he was planing to be on vacation in January.

The unusual claim comes despite Mehajer serving a minimum 11-month sentence which started in June for election fraud.

Judge Freason replied, 'I don't understand how you can be on vacation while you're in jail' 

Mehajer was first appealing the decision to impose a three-year good behaviour bond for assaulting a taxi driver when he threw an EFTPOS machine at a taxi driver.

Mehajer was also ordered to undergo anger management counselling.

Judge Frearson described the assault as 'reprehensible and disgusting' behaviour and proposed an increase in Mehajer's sentence.

'I thought you were dealt with very leniently,' Judge Frearson told Mehajer.

When asked if he'd still like to proceed with the appeal, knowing it may result in a heavier sentence, Mehajer refused.

'If that is the case, I won't proceed with that matter,' Mehajer told the judge.

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