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Melbourne Man's Idea To Help Homeless Goes Viral

We are all probably aware of the competition McDonald's have running at the moment - their famous Monopoly game. Basically, you have a really high chance of winning a free burger or drink when you purchase your favourite menu item.

Melbourne man Matt Lawson recently took to Facebook to share his idea to help some of the city's homeless. And it's such a simple idea too. All he did was give his free burger token to someone who could really use it.

Take a look at Matt's post below.

It's been shared over SIXTEEN THOUSAND times, and many people have commented how great an idea it is, and how they too have helped someone in need.

There's been so many suggestions that people take this idea to their local McDonald's store, and ask them to have a collection jar where people can donate their tokens so that someone less fortunate can benefit.

We really hope that McDonald's is taking notice of this very special Facebook post - how easy would it be for them to help out?!

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