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More Clowns Spotted Across Australia, Police Release Warning

A woman in Brisbane has claimed that she almost drove over a clown after it approached her car holding a knife.

The woman, who lives in Redland Bay, said she was left horrified after a clown ran at her with a knife.

“I was driving home from work last night went to park my car, and then I see this clown on the road,” she said.

“I stopped to get a better look trying to figure out what it was and next thing I know it pulls up a knife and starts running at my car. I almost ran the f****** thing over. I screamed so loud I’m terrified, and this was in Redland Bay too.”

There have been numerous sightings of clowns on the weekend, including in Sydney and across New South Wales, with people taking to Facebook to share their stories.

The Clown Spotters Australia Facebook page now has more than 11,000 members, who are warning people of sightings.

“There have been two clowns spotted in Baulkham Hills, NSW on Churchill Drive, reportedly on scooters,” one read on Saturday.

“It is now 2:34 am in Sydney, and there are reports currently coming in of clowns in Albion Park, NSW. Please be careful if you see any clowns at this time of night as they obviously must have a reason/motive/objective to be out at this time,” said another.

One set of photos shows a woman dressed as a clown creeping up to a McDonald's drive-thru window in Eagle Vale.

A spokeswoman confirmed the incident and said staff have now been told to call the police if it happens again.


A police spokeswoman said to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph that someone was going to get hurt if the pranks continued. “There’s the potential for retaliation or people could be seriously hurt or could die by trying to get away,” Campbelltown Police Inspector Tara Norton said. 

“You also don’t know if the person has a physical condition or mental condition where this behaviour could have disastrous effects.”

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