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Motorists urged to be extra cautious on wet roads tomorrow

Police are urging motorist to take extra care tomorrow with the extreme wet weather warnings forecast for Sydney.

The greater Sydney region is expected to receive up to 120mm of heavy rainfall and the chance of a thunderstorm, which can increase danger on the roads.

In a statement, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, Traffic & Highway Patrol Commander, is urging motorists to be aware of their surroundings and pay extra attention when behind the wheel. 

"Drivers need to consider reducing their speed to make sure they have enough braking distance for themselves and for the vehicle in front, and to drive to the conditions," said Assistant Commissioner Corboy. 

Those cycling, walking or out and about have also been urged to avoid wearing dark colours, and make sure they're visible to drivers. 

"Tomorrow’s weather will be particularly dangerous for motorcycle riders and cyclists and if they are on the road, they should wear bright coloured clothing, be seen by other vehicles and share roads safely." 

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