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NASA To Make Huge Announcement About Life On Other Planets

We had to double-check the date to make sure we weren't being April Fooled, but, no, what we're about to say is true: NASA have announced that they'll be hosting a major press conference about a "discovery beyond our solar system."

The Independent reports that the event - which will be livestreamed - will reveal a huge piece of information about exoplanets, which are the planets that orbit stars other than our trusty sun.

Many of these particular planets have been found to closely resemble Earth, making them a major hope for other life in the universe.

The event is already gaining a LOT of buzz, and astronomers and planetary scientists from around the world will fly in to attend the conference, taking place in New York on Thursday February 22.

If you're keen to get involved, things should get started on NASA's website at about 5am Friday morning AEDT, and the public will be able to ask questions with an #AskNasa hashtag.

Whatever it is sounds like a hugely important discovery; how exciting!

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