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Horrific Shark Attack Sees Man’s Thigh Ripped Off

A young surfer has somehow survived a shark attack last night, after his thigh was ripped from his leg by a shark.

The man was surfing at Bombo Beach near Kiama on the south coast yesterday when a shark approached him and ripped the flesh from his leg.

He was around 100m out to sea on the northern edge of the beach when he was attacked at around 7pm - close to where several white pointer sharks have been seen recently.

Thanks to the quick-thinking actions of a fellow boardrider, the 22-year-old survived. He was alerted to the situation after hearing his friend scream, according to a report on

He dragged his injured friend to the show and stemmed the gushing blood flow by using the leg rope of his surfboard to stop the bleeding.

At this point he was lying on the sand with deep puncture wounds, barely conscious.

“He was in a critical condition and his blood pressure was dangerously low,” ambulance Inspector Geoff Senior said.

“The actions of his surfing companion kept him alive until our paramedics were able to perform a blood transfusion.”

The man who was attacked told police he didn’t see the predator, but after he was bitten on the thigh his right hand was gored as he tried to fend off the shark.

“(The friend) swam to his aid and managed to get him to shore on the back of his board,” Insp Senior said.

“The wounds were extensive and the man also suffered a fracture to his left leg.” The family of the injured surfer were said to be at the beach at the time, it is not known if they witnessed the incident unfold.


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