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NSW To Get New 40km Road Rule When Passing Emergency Vehicle

A new road rule set to pass parliament this week will see NSW drive forced to slow down to 40km/h while passing any emergency service vehicles.

The new law is said to be “long overdue” and comes after two police officers were mowed down by a vehicle last month while setting up a random breath testing checkpoint in Sydney’s south west.

The accused driver was said to be texting when he hit the two officers. Senior Constable Jonathan Wright suffered injuries to his right foot resulting in amputation and Senior Constable Matthew Foley broke one of his legs during the incident.

The new ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ road rule known as is expected to be proposed in the upcoming parliamentary sitting week by NSW opposition leader Like Foley.

Unions for police, paramedics and firefighters are expected to back the proposed law, saying that it will help prevent a number of near-misses.

“This state can’t afford to wait and risk further tragedy,” said NSW Police Association President Scott Weber.

“The premier can protect police and all the state’s emergency workers who risk their lives, when they work along our roads.”

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