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One Of The Worlds Biggest Fast Food Chain Is Finally Coming

Just when you thought there was enough pizza in Australia, there’s another giant coming.

American pizza chain Little Caesars has their sights set on Australia’s fast food market and wants to be the biggest pizza franchise in the country.

They already have four stores in Australia, launching in Casula in 2014 but the slow-burning growth is set to rapidly expand over the next decade.

Talking to, Australia director Ernie Koury said the number of stores should be in the hundreds before we know it.

“The market itself could easily sustain 400 Little Caesar franchises,” Mr Koury told

“But it’s important to get it right. This is not a contest of speed, and about how many stores I can build as soon as I arrive.”

The reason for their slow build? They want to make sure that the product is right ‘for the Australian consumer’.

“If I came to Australia and opened 20 stores at once, then realised we needed to change the format of our business to cater for local requirements — that would be much harder to do,” he said.

“That’s why we opened a single store, provided a product, and observed how it suited the marketplace.

“When you begin any venture like this, you need to make sure you have a core offering that you can watch, manage control and develop.”

The company is famed for their ‘Hot ’n’ Ready’ offering which allows customers to purchase and collect a pizza within 30 seconds.

Koury says “You can walk in, and within 30 seconds you can have a pepperoni or cheese pizza available straight away.

“Pizza is traditionally a longer term sale process with a lot of planning involved. But with our drive-through service, it actually takes longer to receive your change than to get a pizza. “It’s something you can’t get anywhere else in the country.”

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