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HSC Students Panic Over Fake Biology Exam Email

Year 12 students around the country have expressed panic and anger after an email claiming they would have to re-sit one of their exams was revealed to be a hoax.

The prank email, which purported to be from the acting chief executive of the South Australian Certificate of Education, surfaced just two days after the HSC biology exam citing a "significant breach in the integrity" of the test.

"At this stage, the Board is not at liberty to divulge the exact nature of the breach, however, the matter has been referred to the Internal Standards Bureau," the letter continued.

"The breach has resulted in a significant number of candidates being unfairly advantaged by having been familiar with parts of the source material that was presented in the examination."

Students immediately began to panic, with one, Julie Ducaj, telling 7News that she was "devastated".

"It was very professionally done, there was no way it could be fake," she said.

"I was shocked. I was devastated - all that hard work into biology exam and I have to do it again.

"There's a time and a place and year 12 exams is not the time or place."

On Thursday, though, the maker of the realistic-looking notice was found to be a year 12 student from Blackfriars in Adelaide who has since issued an apology on Facebook.

SACE have said that they are working together with the boy's school and parents to determine a course of action.

"It's already an anxious time for young people," SACE chief executive Jan Raymond said.

"We're taking it very seriously and we will be investigating."

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