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Parts Of Sydney Expected To Hit 40 DEGREES This Weekend

We might be two weeks into Autumn but that doesn’t mean that the hot weather is over just yet.

Sydney is set to sweat through yet another hot weekend with some parts of the city set to hit 40 degrees. 

According to The Weather Channel we can expect to see a partly cloudy day on Saturday with maximum temperatures of 29 in the city and 36 out west in places like Penrith and Richmond. 

While this is already quite warm we’re being told that Sunday is the day that we should watch out for. The city will cop temperatures of 37 degrees but it’s the west that is set to absolutely swelter with predicted temperatures of 40 degrees in both Penrith and Richmond. 

So just a heads up Sydney. Make sure those aircons are working, drink plenty of water and if you’re going to head out to the nearest beach or pool for a quick dip don’t forget to slip, slop, slap! 

While the sweltering temperatures aren’t really ideal, we’re loving that Summer doesn’t always end when the calendar flicks over to March here in Australia! 

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