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Should ‘Father’s Day’ Become ‘Special Person's Day'?

This weekend is coming - which means Father’s Day is only a few days away.

This brings me to my latest question; are you okay with it being called ‘Father’s Day?’ Turns out, a few people aren’t. In fact, there is a push to rename the day; ‘Special Person’s Day’.

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet, convener of Social Justice In Early Childhood Activist Group, explained on Today Tonight that shifting language around important days can help the community become more inclusive.

“If we think about children’s rights and how they get to participate in a community and feel a sense of belonging, sometimes shifting the language around those emotive and important days can be significant and more inclusive,” said Dr Scarlet, who has a doctorate in early childhood studies.

There are a huge range of different family structures, Dr Scarlet continued, and she believes there are better ways to describe emotive events around families than the way we currently describe them.

"We have single parent families, satellite families, extended families, lesbian and gay families,” Dr Scarlet said, who's real name is Miriam Giugni.

While what she’s saying is definitely relevant, there has been immense backlash on social media.

“People still celebrate fatherhood even after their father and grandfathers have passed away, in fact for many people Father’s Day is a wonderful time of reflecting and remembering,” Liberal Party MP David Elliott wrote on Facebook.

“Can’t believe that someone who professes to be ‘enlightened’ would advocate such crap.”

What do you think it should be called?

Source: Honey and Super Mums podcast

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