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Perth Pub Slammed Over Crude 'Frat House' Party Banners

A Perth pub has issued an apology over offensive signage used for an upcoming New Year’s Eve party.

It's not a new concept for fraternity houses in the US to hang crudely made banners, usually fashioned from a bed sheet, with even cruder messages. 

So what seems to be an effort to make their American-style frat house-themed NYE event look more 'authentic', the Brass Monkey Hotel hung several similar banners from the balcony, which stretches around from James Street to William Street. 




“You teach her morals, we’ll teach her oral,” said one banner.

“Our couch pulls out, but we don’t,” said another.

The pub has since pulled down the banners and posted an apology on Facebook.


The backlash was swift, with the majority showing their disapproval of the stunt.

"Wow. I've enjoyed many a beer in your establishment over the years. Never again."

"Certainly won't be handing any of my cash over the bar at The Brass Monkey ever again. PS in Australia we spell apologise with an S not a Z... also we don't do 'Frat' parties, that too would be American."

"The idea of the Frat party theme is great if pulled off tastefully. But the banners...Seriously disgusting and inappropriate! Totally demeaning and degrading to young women. Did management seriously approve these banners? If so, you may have just chosen your new clientele."

But then there were others.

"Jesus did you guys all lose you sense of humor? It was aimed at the younger generation, who talk and act like this. A frat party great idea, and I like the advertising as yes it actually goes with what a frat party usually turns into. Lighten up it was harmless joke."

Which were followed by…

"If you think this is appropriate, at any generation, then I really feel for your daughter growing up in a world where her parents normalise this kind of culture."

Meanwhile, metres down the road, the Mechanics’ Institute decided to chime in with their own banner, which declared "Women are amazing"...



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