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PM Turnbull Rules Out Change Of Date For Australia Day

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has stated that the date we celebrate Australia Day won't be changing, despite pressure from Hobart city council voted to lobby the federal government to choose a new date for Australia Day to show respect towards indigenous people.

The PM stated that:

“Australia Day should remain where it is on January 26. With all due respects to the Council, I think that the vast majority of Australians expect our national day to remain exactly where it is,”

According to The Hobart Mercury, over the weekend the council decided to review all City of Hobart events commemorating Australia Day and consider moving the date of their citizenship ceremony from January 26.

The council also voted to lobby the federal government to consider a national change of date and to consult local indigenous people about the move.

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert applauded the council’s decision.

“Well done to the City of Hobart for being brave enough to kick start a conversation about Australia Day in Tasmania. A lot of Tasmanian’s clearly want Australia Day to accessible to everyone, it shouldn’t be on a day that some members of the community view as a day of grieving”

Last year The City of Fremantle cancelled all Australia Day events and citizenship ceremonies and instead decided to move the day to January 28 instead.

The Australian

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